Afternoon Romp(er)

The truck was in the Central West End yesterday at BJC so I decided to shoot some pics along one of my favorite little streets after we went to lunch! It was pretty hot & sticky outside and this graphic print romper was the perfect little one-hit-wonder to keep me cool without slacking on style. So I know you're thinking....yeah but you have to take the whole thing off to, well you know....go to the bathroom, BUT this romper is loose and has an elastic waist with a tiny snap on the blouse part up top so you just rip it off in case of emergencies! It's lightweight woven fabric is super breathable and it's drapey fit makes it a comfortable choice for day or night. I also happen to love this tote bag because No. 1 It's quilted No. 2 It comes with an attachable zipper pouch No. 3 It's big enough to fit all your stuff for work like extra shoes & lunch plus your purse, but isn't super huge and No. 4 It comes in a cute watermelon color too! Romper $36, Bag $54, Sunglasses $20, Jewelry $11-22, and the shoes are from!