Be Nice

At market in February, we were on a mission to find a graphic tee shirt company with quotes to inspire and miraculously, we got just what we were looking for! Deadburydead is an independent brand out of Pittsburg, PA  and we just love supporting others who are pouring their hearts & souls into their businesses, just like us! We also try to bring you unique items you've never seen before so hopefully these fabulous tees are one of those things! And if that's not awesome enough for you, these lace and denim recycled shorts are a local independent designer, Victrola, and you can order them at along with some of the other Deadburydead designs we have in stock right now! And we'll work on getting Be Nice Or Leave up there for you too so email us at if you'd like to order one today! Be Nice Tee $32, Victrola Shorts $56, Handbag (comes in 4 colors online) $66, Sunglasses $20, Headband $14, Jewelry $11-$28