Before It Happened


This heather grey t-shirt dress is the last things we shot for the blog before what I will refer to as my little incident that has changed my life in a big way. I wanted to let you all know what has happened to me so you understand why it may take me so long to recover.  I have always had a lot of GI issues, which all of my friends are well aware of because of the strange diet I have adopted over the past few years. The last week of March, I was experiencing a lot of pain on my right side, which got worse as the evening went on and we thought I had appendicitis so Jeff took me to the ER where the pain continued to get worse. After a CT scan, the doctor figured out I had a bowel blockage and I went in for emergency surgery to fix my intestines. When the surgery was over, I began passing blood when I was in the recovery room and it was discovered that I was bleeding internally. I lost about half of my blood supply as we waited over 12 hours for the surgeon to return  to figure out what had gone wrong with the first surgery. They opened me up again and fixed the internal bleeding that was occurring and then I was finished with my second surgery in two days. I was able to come home to recover on April 1st and I am starting to feel much more like myself, even though I need a lot of help doing day to day activities. From now until I feel able, Jeff is going to be running the truck and I'll be working from home, doing social media and getting inventory ready for you to purchase! Thank you all so much for the support and love you have given me while I was in the hospital. You helped keep me going and I can't wait to get back to work!