Here We Go Again

Hey 2017!!! Lookin' good! I'm so excited to see where this year takes us but before I can start prepping for spring, I've got to take care of some personal health issues I've been experiencing over the past couple years. I wanted to do a little post about it before I go into surgery so you know what's going on with me for the next few weeks (and don't freak out and think I'm dying again). In March of 2015, I had two emergency abdominal surgeries that left me with hernias along my incision that are painful when I perform certain job tasks, lift heavy things and exercise. On Thursday, January 5th, I'll be going in for open hernia repair surgery where they put mesh inside of my abdomen in hopes that the hernias will not occur again after they're closed up! Yay! YAY!!!!! So over the next few weeks, if I'm a little slow to answer your emails or post stuff on social media, just know that I'm resting up so that I can to go market in February and buy the most lust-worthing spring line ever! Keep me in your prayers and I'll see you on the truck when I feel better! Oh and if you're like um...what happened during the first surgeries???? Click below to read my blog post from March of 2015.