I Can't Believe It's Not Vintage

Since Summer decided to arrive a few days early here in St. Louis, I was looking through all of the new merchandise that just came in from my last buying trip to LA for a lightweight dress that's high on style and would keep me cool in the sweltering heat. That's when I landed on this little beauty. The cut reminds me of something I would have snatched up at a yard sale or borrowed out of my Grandma's closet but the print and it's bold colors give it a modern look that just happens to go perfectly with my red booties that I got on a visit to Bronx Diba. I'm pretty sure it going to be my summer go-to piece! And if you've already decided you can't live without it, you can order it right now at rackandclutch.com under the shopping tab! How's that for easy? Dress $44, Bag $54, Sunglasses $20, Jewlery $21-11.