Crystal Palace

Before the sky decided to unleash a monsoon on me yesterday, I did a little window shopping at Jon Paul Designs on Clayton Road in this new black and white graphic print dress that just arrived today! Not sure if have noticed yet, but black and white are everywhere this season and white continues to make a huge appearance in many of the bold ethnic & tribal prints for fall. Now I know that Labor Day is soon approaching, but I'm begging you PLEASE don't put away everything that has a streak of white in it for fear of breaking this elderly (I chose that word because you're dating yourself here) rule and being shunned by society. Ok, maybe it's time to store the linen pants, but dresses, tops and jackets in white are totally fabulous for fall and winter so buy it, wear it & love it! And so are florals, but that's for another post. Graphic Dress $50, Bucket Bag $42, Triple Pendant $14 (comes in 4 colors), Sunglasses $20, Rings $9-16