Your New Best Friend: The Wrap Jacket

There are days when you have to work. There are weekends. There are days when you drag your bags to the airport and sit on a plane. Days when you don't feel like getting ready and days that require real pants and heels. There are days on the playground. Days on the couch. Days where you want to look more dressed up than you are and days when you just need something to wear. Cue the wrap jacket. But not just any wrap jacket. This one is actually an updated version of our favorite wrap that we usually have in a couple different colors when the weather turns chilly and we love the new look. It has the oversized shawl collar, that not only functions like a hood, but can be scrunched up around the neck if you don't like it over your shoulders or if your stuck somewhere without a scarf. The hood is also a little larger to protect your blow-out from the rain or warm you up! Take a look below to check out the different ways you can wear it and see which one is your favorite!