No Fake-Up

Being the fashion-lusting, model-worshiping, fabric-rubbing, leather-sniffing enthusiast that I am, one can naturally assume that I also love make-up. I love to put it on for work, try new products and give others tips. However, on my days off, I like to go naked-faced because it saves time and I don't feel the need to hide my flaws from others at the grocery store. Marc Jacobs sent models with zero make-up on down the runway at NYFW a few weeks ago and as I looked at pics of some of the best models in the world without makeup, it was a little reassuring to see dark circles under eyes and uneven skin tones. We're all have blemishes and secrets we hide behind the little white lie (that's becoming a bigger white lie the older I get) of make-up everyday so sometimes it's just nice to go without it.