Peace Park

So just in case anyone is going to any music festivals this summer.... I'm sure you aren't, but if you happen to be, this is the perfect ensemble for you. And just in case you don't have a pair of cut-off recycled jean shorts yet, this is the pair for you. Or maybe not, because Lauren Cram of Victrola Designs has hand-crafted a few one-of-a-kind pairs for us that you won't be able to find anywhere else and you might need to look at them all before you decide. This pair has a custom-painted tribal print on the front and some cute little hand-stitching on the back pockets that I just love. Throw on a headband & this gorgeous lace poncho and you're fingers will start to automatically separate to make a peace symbol. Victrola Designs Shorts $56, Lace Top $32, Perforated Bag $29, Ashdon Eli Tassel Necklace $28, Sunglasses $20, Beaded Headband $20, Jewelry $9-16