Poncho At The Park


If you can't decide which word best describes this piece of outerwear I'm draped in below, be it poncho, cape, shawl or blanket coat, you can just call it versatile. I didn't realize how much I needed this item in my closet until I figured out so many different ways to wear it! Here I've belted it around the waist to downplay a rather dressy dress and then I also have a couple shots of it without the belt so you can see what it looks like open. Today I wore it over a long tunic & printed pants for an extra layer of warmth and it would turn jeans and a tee into the most stylish outfit you've ever owned! Wear it over a maxi with boots, a sweater with leggings, heck....wear it over your sweats and suddenly they're so chic! They're one-size-fits-all so they make a fab gift for your friend who has everything.