So this is basically the worst announcement we’ve ever made, but we’re saying goodbye to the retail industry and our big pink truck of fashion forever. With the bleak outlook for retail in general, we’re no longer seeing the truck as a viable business venture to pursue and after experiencing a recent downturn in sales over the past few months, I’m currently finding it difficult to muster up the energy and passion I need to move the business forward.  We’ve lost our best parking spots faster than we can gain new ones and with the truck breaking down during critical sales weeks, we’ve decided the frustrations of the business are outweighing the satisfaction for us at this time. From the initial concept of this business, I have relied heavily on God’s calling for my life to direct my path. I also had a hearty amount of selfish ambition (which I wasn’t consciously aware of at the time) such as financial gain and personal recognition, which fueled my quest to run a highly visible, successful business. We have sacrificed every ounce of spare time, quality relationships with people and our own personal comfort in order to make enough money to support both of us and grow our customer base. Owning a fast fashion retail operation involves chasing trends and finding new, exciting products that people want in an ever-changing environment while constantly updating and executing a flawless social media feed to gain followers and sell stuff.  It’s a never-ending cycle that has proven to be exhausting for me at this point since no matter what I do, sales continue to slow.  I find myself comparing what I’m doing to someone else who’s doing it better, with more resources than I have, which causes envy and anxiety to flourish. I know there are a lot of you out there grinding it out who feel the same way and for me, nothing is ever good enough when it comes to my business. I have let these things slowly rob me of my happiness and appreciation for all the great things I do have.  I believe God has given me the opportunity to experience my dreams in order for me to come to the reality that nothing on this earth can satisfy my empty desires except for Him and the fleeting pleasures of this world will always leave me longing for more, no matter how much I achieve or how much money I make. When I started the truck, I wanted to do something to make St. Louis a better place and making contributions to local organizations such as The Covering House and Mission: St. Louis has allowed us to do that in a small way.  Seeing how a small contribution can make a big difference over the years has made us wonder what else we can do to help people right here in our city. Our hearts are wounded by the crime, violence, racism and poverty that continue to plague our neighborhoods and we feel called to take a stand. What if we took the passion that we’ve used to fuel our dreams the past 5 years and applied it to helping people instead of hoarding resources for ourselves? How much more effective could our efforts be to make change happen in our city?  Hearing that same call from God once again, we felt it was the right move for Jeff to go back to a corporate accounting position to support our family and to support these organizations financially, while I will be devoting my time to volunteering for Mission: St. Louis in order to be directly involved in furthering their mission. I could continue to run the truck by myself so that I have something to occupy my time while Jeff is working, but without his help, I have no desire to move forward on my own. That’s not a very girl-bossy-type thing to say, but it’s true. You might see Jeff hanging out with me on the truck on the weekends, helping me bag up the things you’re buying and think it’s sweet of him to help, but you have no idea the vital role he plays behind the scenes. He starts working at 6:30 am every morning on our bookkeeping and does all of the steaming, tagging, website photography, editing, shipping online orders and random problem solving with the truck so that my time is free to buy inventory and run our social media channels when I get home from taking the truck out each day. I did all of these things by myself for the first year and I just can’t imagine doing them again…..alone. Yes, I could hire people, but at a time when we’re struggling to maintain sales, much less grow, I believe it would be a futile attempt. I write all of this because you deserve to know the full story and we want you to feel inspired to get involved and make a difference.

There is no way we could have started our business or sustained it without help from our families, friends, support from other local businesses, and the most amazing customers in the world. By shopping with us you have provided financially for our family for the past 5 years and much of the money we have saved will go to help people in need and that's because of your generosity. We've gotten to know so many of you personally and we feel so encouraged by each and every one of you. We hope to continue building on the friendships we have made and we thank you for your support!


We will begin our Farewell Tour at

Ameren on Thursday 5/31 from 11-1:30

Wells Fargo on Friday 6/1 from 11-1:30 and at

Revive Thrift Shop on Saturday 6/2 from 10-3

All clothing in the truck will be 50% off or more with big racks of $10 and $15 clothing outside, $10 handbags and all jewelry is $5 until it’s gone. We are hoping to make Revive our last stop but we will announce more dates if we still have lots of inventory left after this Saturday.

To find out more about the work God is doing in our lives, ask us. To find out how you can get involved with Mission: St. Louis, click here for more info.